On August 25, Singapore’s robot venture OTSAW said that it succeeded in a sterilization test targeting high-concentration raw samples using a human coronavirus sterilization robot equipped with the company’s UV-C LED “O-RX”. Announced.

The actual test was conducted by the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A * STAR) of Singapore, which achieved sterilization with 99.9% effectiveness within 5 minutes at a working distance of 2.5 m in the laboratory. The high-concentration raw sample of human coronavirus used in the test was airlifted from the United States, and the robot was powered by a battery for 5 hours and 4000 ft per hour.2It is said that it is possible to sterilize.

The company explained that science-based testing is the only way to ensure the effectiveness and effectiveness of the OTSAW O-RX sterilization robot against coronavirus, and plans for new corona countermeasures will be made in the future. I want to move on.

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