Universal Robots (UR) announced on July 7 that it has certified SMC’s air chuck “JMHZ2-X7400B” for collaborative robots as a peripheral device platform “UR +” product for UR robots.

  • Air chuck for collaborative robots

    Appearance of air chuck “JMHZ2-X7400B” for collaborative robots

More than 400 companies around the world are already developing UR + products, and 245 products have been certified. So far, four companies in Japan have obtained certification, and SMC is the fifth company. In order to be certified as a UR + product, it is necessary to clear the following three points.

  • Customize all electrical, mechanical and software interfaces to UR robots
  • The user interface is performed using PolyScope, which is the GUI of UR.
  • Easy product setup, high affinity with UR robot arm, improving overall user experience even for inexperienced users
  • Air chuck for collaborative robots
  • Air chuck for collaborative robots
  • Flow until UR + product certification acquisition.Four companies, including Canon and ASPINA (Shinano Kenshi), have obtained certification from Japan, making it the fifth company in SMC.

The air chuck certified by SMC this time is a typical product for grasping and grasping things.In addition to adopting a common mounting interface at the tip, by integrating a solenoid valve for opening and closing the hand, All equipment is integrated into one unit. SMC explained that it succeeded in reducing the burden of installing equipment for users, and also made it possible to reduce the weight and size of the robot and reduce the load on the robot.

  • Air chuck for collaborative robots

    Outline and features of the air chuck “JMHZ2-X7400B” for collaborative robots

In addition, by adopting a high-rigidity linear guide for the finger guide part, it can be used even at long grip points, and it is possible to grip heavy workpieces while being lightweight at 430 g.

The main targets are assumed to be handling in machine tools, electricity, food, secondary batteries, pharmaceuticals, industrial robots, etc., and SMC will continue to develop and sell products for collaborative robots. So, he wants to further expand the usage, and UR plans to support such activities.