WHILL announced on October 8 that it has developed the electric personal mobility “WHILL type A” (Image 1) and will start accepting pre-order sales for 100 units from December 2012.

Image 1. WHILL type A.It can also be used as an electric wheelchair or senior car, so it can run on ordinary roads.

WHILL type A is a personal mobility developed with the aim of further improving performance and attractiveness while satisfying the requirements of conventional electric wheelchairs and senior cars (that is, it can run on ordinary roads). It is said that it was developed for wheelchair users and elderly people who have difficulty walking to move comfortably and stylishly within about 3 km.

The feature is that you can change the way of riding according to the usage scene, “driving style” (image 2) that sits and rides like an electric wheelchair or senior car, and it is easy to carry luggage by removing the chair and driving while standing. A “shopping style” (image 3) and a two-seater “touring style” (image 4) with the other standing on the rear deck are available.

Image 2.Driving style

Image 3.Shopping style

Image 4.Touring style

The cruising range on a single charge is up to 20km, or approximately 2 hours (depending on how the speed is set). Therefore, there is plenty of room for shopping at local supermarkets, and there is no problem with walking in parks.

The maximum speed can be up to 12km / h (however, according to the Road Traffic Act, the maximum speed is up to 6km / h on general roads). The size is total length 1050 mm x total width 650 mm x total height 900 mm (in drive mode). The weight is 35 kg.

In drive mode and touring mode, what looks like a safety bar in front of the driver is the steering wheel, which is equipped with a force sensor, so you can drive by simply tilting it in the direction you want to go (Image 5). ). When getting on and off, the handle is divided near the center so that only one side can be raised to get on and off.

Image 5. The central part of the front open rotating bar is the handle.Uses an intuitive interface that allows you to move by simply tilting in the direction you want to go

Image 6.You can get on and off by raising only one side of the front open rotating bar (handle)

WHILL type A is a three-wheeled vehicle with two large driving wheels. Since each is driven independently, it is possible to turn on the spot (super-credit turn). In addition, the tire is an omnidirectional tire, and it rolls like a normal tire in the direction of the tire diameter (forward and backward), and in parallel movement in the left-right direction, 24 small rollers attached to the tire rotate. It is possible to do this (Image 7).

Image 7.Translation in the left-right direction can be done by rotating 24 small rollers attached to the tire.

The estimated price is 525,000 yen. As mentioned at the beginning, a limited number of 100 units will be made to order and will be released this winter, and advance acceptance will start in December. It seems that the coloring is not decided, but there are 7 colors of yellow, green, light blue, white, red, blue, and gray with white as the base color, and 8 colors that are summarized in black as a whole on the website. It is released as a CG sample.